Food security

Is it important for you as well to have satisfied and loyal customers? You don’t want your organisation to get a negative financial or ethical judgment, because your products offended the food security regulations and caused danger to others, do you? Is there any tool that can help you to strengthen customer trust, develop markets and secure an excellent reputation of your products?

If you have similar questions in mind, you will find beyond the Hungarian Food Safety Codex several other international frameworks and/or requirement systems, which can help a food manufacturing or distribution organisation to meet these requirements far better.

If you operate already HACCP and ISO 9001 systems, you have the option to implement the ISO 22000 Food Safety System, which is one management system that meets all requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • It is an opportunity to develop trust in your customers, suppliers and relevant authorities based on satisfaction the product.
  • The accredited status of an organisation strengthens customer trust, market position and its business reputation.
  • The organisation will gain market advantages by being measured against its competitors based on international standards.
  • The implementation, maintenance and development of this system will provide a framework for manufacturing and service provision in the food sector at all times.

Who do we recommend it to?

To all organisations, which operate in areas as,

  • agriculture, fishing, livestock-raising, farming;
  • food manufacturing, packaging, distribution, transport, warehousing;
  • biochemical manufacturing, catering or
  • manufacturing of devices, equipment and packaging for the food industry.