Quality needs courage

"In the society of our time, the measure of courage is the ability to insist on our convictions - but not in a tedious or defiant manner, or as revenge – rather because we believe in them."

Rollo May



Szabó Mirtill


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Szántay Tímea

gazdasági vezető

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tanúsítási vezető

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Laza Boglárka

képzési koordinátor

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Szabó Edina

technikai menedzser

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Taska Dorottya

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About Us

CertUnion is one of the newest actors in the Hungarian certification market, brought to life by the know-how of quality committed professionals with decades of experience, bringing together the experience of certification whilst keeping traditions and trends in mind.

Our profession is our passion, so for those partners, clients, collaborators who plan long term, we offer an alliance that contributes to the sustainability and the realisation of the vision of all parties.

As a certifying body, we strive to offer services that contribute to the enhancement of business values, the fastest achievement of results at the lowest cost, to those who participate in the audit as well as the users of the audit results.


Our detailed reference list can be viewed in our office upon an agreed appointment. If you would like to inquire about the validity of the certificates we have issued, please provide the name, address, or the certificate’s identification number, if known.