„Quality starts in our heads.”
C. Borgward

Quality Policy

CertUnion Ltd. aims to provide its partners with high quality services in the field of management systems certification, with a special emphasis on the increasingly popular integrated management systems. Our goal is to build and operate a value based certification body that is a key actor in the market, and to create a workplace where human values are as crucial as delivering quality work.

In order to achieve our goal, we have developed the processes of our own quality management system, and our commitment to their efficiency and continuous development remains unbroken.

In order to develop our organisation, we have defined our goals, which are regularly reviewed. Once those are achieved we set new objectives to drive the organisation’s continuous development.

We provide quality work, with experienced, well-trained internal and external colleagues, whose training, recruitment is continuously taken care of. We put great emphasis on our working environment, which was designed and is maintained with consideration of all relevant health and safety regulations, because we believe and know that healthy employees complete their tasks more effectively and their performance is balanced and reliable.

We make our declarations, quality policy, and goals available in-house to our colleagues, to our certified partners and prospective customers, and we review them every time if the feedback received from our internal or external colleagues or partners justifies it. We also review our quality policy every year during the annual evaluation in order to review its actuality, suitability and consistency with our mission, goals.

Mirtill Szabó, Managing Director

Budapest, 21 September 2015.