"Reliability and predictability are two crucial criteria for leadership success."

Ferdinand Rohrhirsch

Management Policy

CertUnion Ltd. is an enterprise with professional values such as impartiality, preparedness, responsibility, openness, confidentiality and response to complaints.

In order to gain and maintain the trust of our partners we make our decisions every time based on objective facts without being influenced by other interests or stakeholders.

Our well-designed and operated management system, as well as the preparedness, knowledge and skills of our employed and contracted colleagues ensure that trust is established and maintained in our operations. Our company does not subcontract auditing activities to organizations who are involved in management system consultancy services.

Our decision-preparing and decision-making colleagues always evaluate the objective evidences and findings gathered during the audits, in order to justify the authorisation or rejection of the certificate release.

We make information available to our certified partners, prospective customers and other interested parties on completed audits, certification processes and organizations’ certification status. This openness also aims to build trust in the integrity and credibility of our work.

We provide our partners with the opportunity to access non-confidential information and audit results..

We make sure that information owned by our partners, coming to our knowledge during certification, is strictly handled in accordance with the rules of confidentiality.

We openly commit to all our partners to investigate every single complaint made about the certified system and if they are relevant they will be treated appropriately. With this we strive to provide our partners a protection to prevent possible omissions, conflicts, mistakes and inappropriate behaviour.

CertUnion Ltd. is an independent legal entity, which in all cases has legally enforceable agreements with its partners to carry out certification activities. Our certification body takes responsibility for all certification decisions and reserves its authority over these decisions, including document release, maintaining, renewal, extension, restriction, suspension, or possibly revocation.

Our top management is fully committed to impartiality in the certification of management systems. In all cases, we handle conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity in our certification activities. In order to achieve this in our operation, our work is supported by our Committee for Professionalism and Impartiality, which is an independent body comprising of a member base with diverse backgrounds in different sectors.

The foundation of our professional activity is continuous monitoring and practical application of domestic and international legal and professional standards.

Budapest, 11 November 2016.

Mirtill Szabó
Managing Director